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Bernie bro ‘Killer Mike’ pushes $15 minimum wage, but won’t pay his interns

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The Atlanta rapper Killer Mike (born Michael Render) is one-half of the duo Run the Jewels, and is a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter who fights for a $15 minimum wage.

According to Reddit, a screenshot taken of Render’s Instagram shows that he’s looking for design interns to help build up his latest clothing line, Mike’s Swag Shop, with a caption that reads, “We wanna do cool sh*t with cool people.”

The kicker is that all positions for the internship are unpaid.

(via Reddit)

(via Reddit)

It’s certainly not a big deal if interns often go unpaid (although the image of Joseph Stalin should be enough to raise a red flag). There are plenty of internships that don’t pay. However, Killer Mike is one of the leading voices of the Fight for 15 movement. Back during the Democratic primary, Render was disappointed in Hillary Clinton’s $12 minimum wage proposal.

“Anybody who tries to tell you that $12 is enough for the minimum wage is not only not being sincere, they don’t give a damn about you,” he said to The Young Turks.

Mike Morrison, communications director for the conservative training organization American Majority, put Render on blast over Twitter.

The Atlanta rapper wouldn’t let that go quietly into the night.

That’s the problem with celebrities getting involved in politics. You have the freedom to speak your mind, but people will lose their respect for you when you don’t consistently practice what you preach.

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