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Radio host trolls liberals with fake petition: Ban the term ‘Minority Whip’

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Liberals seem to be outraged by anything nowadays. So, in an effort to troll them, a conservative radio host had a trick up his sleeve.

Phil Valentine, who hosts the nationally syndicated “The Phil Valentine Show” on Westwood One, posted a fake petition on to ban the term “Minority Whip” from Congress because it’s racist.

In an email to Red Alert Politics, Valentine wrote that the term was particularly offensive to minorities. even alerted him that his petition reached the top 15 percent of all petitions on the site.

“The irony is the libs are now calling ME a racist,” Valentine wrote. “All I’m doing is pointing out the absurdity of the politically correct left.”

He continued to say that this is something that the left would totally do.

Valentine set a bar of obtaining 500 signatures before sending it to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The petition itself reads:

“For way too long the term “minority whip” has been used in Congress. We believe the term is demeaning to minorities and an ugly reminder of when minorities were actually whipped in America. We would hope that the Democrat Party would be more sensitive about using such language.

“Minority whip” is a trigger word that inflicts pain and hardship on minorities. By labeling a congressperson as a minority whip it is a microaggression that should no longer be tolerated. We urge Congress to officially abolish the term and come up with something more appropriate.”

As of this writing, the petition has amassed over 450 signatures, and Valentine cannot wait to hear how Pelosi and Schumer will react to it.

“I can imagine Pelosi and Schumer holding a press conference announcing the end to this horribly hurtful phrase. Of course, calling conservatives racists is a clear sign they’ve lost the argument. It’s the equivalent of running out of bullets and throwing your gun at the other guy.”

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