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Gay Hispanic: I face more discrimination for being Republican

(Photo via College Fix)

(Photo via College Fix)

After President Trump was elected, minority communities across the country felt threatened. African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, and members of the LGBT community protested in the streets, chanting “#NotMyPresident,” and some even assaulted Trump supporters.

At Orange Coast College in California, Vincent Wetzel, who’s Hispanic and gay, feels like he has a target on his back. However, he says he doesn’t feel targeted¬†because of his ethnicity or sexual preference, but because he’s a Republican.

“No one when they’re grading your poli sci paper is looking to see ‘is this a Hispanic student? Ok, we’ll grade in a certain way,'” Wetzel said in an interview with Red Alert Politics. “But when it comes to being a Republican, it’s like yeah you do have to write a certain way to get around the bias of your professors.”

Following Trump’s win, Olga Cox, a professor at OCC, was recorded on camera by a student saying that Trumps’ victory was “an act of terror.”

That pitted the College Republicans against Cox and the school administrators backing her. Cox even won the Faculty member of the year award at OCC. However, with finals and the end of the semester approaching, political apathy on campus has reached its peak.

Maybe students need endless exams to keep their head in the game and away from protesting on campus.

Listen to the whole conversation below: