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Rand Paul rips GOP on budget deal: ‘President Hillary would be proud’

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

The weather is heating up in Washington, D.C., but Congress is still cold on Rand Paul’s ideas for governing. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

In a scathing new op-ed, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is questioning whether Republicans are even running Congress anymore.

Paul’s op-ed, appearing in Breitbart, goes after congressional Republicans for proposing a budget plan that will increase the federal deficit calling the new Omnibus spending bill as “the Status Quo Protection Act.”

“President Hillary Clinton would have been proud of this bill.” Paul writes.

Obviously, Clinton is not the president, Trump is. During the campaign, then-candidate Trump promised to balance the budget and decrease government spending. However, the Omnibus spending bill goes completely against Trump’s promise. Paul highlighted the budget’s plan to fund the military industrial complex and the welfare state. By his estimates, our national deficit will be well over $500 billion.

Rather than just identifying the problem, however, the Kentucky senator offered a solution.

“Instead of legislating from crisis to crisis, Republicans should use fiscal deadlines to articulate the principles that supposedly set us apart – to boldly defend the conservative philosophy that fueled the country’s growth and can lead it into a new era of prosperity,” Paul explains as he references Monty Python’s Sir Robin in that Republicans turn and flee at the first sight of conflict.

Paul appears to be the man screaming all the solutions that could work to an empty audience in Congress. He introduced a bill to repeal Obamacare, freeze all on-budget spending without touching Social Security, and cut federal agency spending with providing a buffer period. Except the budget hasn’t moved beyond preliminary review.

“There’s no doubt you and I live in a dangerous world, with threats we must defeat. But as long as we continue to spend with abandon, pile it on the backs of the taxpayers we claim to serve, and pretend it’s all okay, we are ultimately our own worst enemies.”

With the way Congress has been failing, even under Trump’s presidency, maybe it’s time for Republican leadership to start giving Sen. Paul the floor.

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