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No, the Boy Scouts should not admit girls

(AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez, File)

(AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez, File)

Earlier this week, NPR published an article entitled “Meet the Teenage Girl who wants to be a Boy Scout.” The article speaks about a 16-year-old girl, Sydney, who, after tagging along with her brother to Boy Scout’s meetings, wants to become an official member. She feels that her exclusion from the scouts is unfair and she has been petitioning leaders to admit girls.

Although the Boy Scouts program offers co-ed activities, the teen “specifically wants a shot at becoming an Eagle Scout like her brother,” a badge only offered to official members. Sydney does not want to join the Girl Scouts of America, because it is not simply the girl counterpart of the Boy Scouts. The article states that while the Girl Scouts program is similar, it is not identical to the Boy Scouts.

There are many reasons why the Boys Scouts of America is a single-sex institution and does not include girls in their ranks. The creators of this program feel that the lessons they wish to impart on participants are best done when aimed directly at young men. Furthermore, the Boy Scouts frequently go camping and it is logical why some feel that it is more appropriate for these activities to include only boys.

Additionally, there are also reasons why the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are not identical. Boys and girls are different. This may be a controversial statement, but it really should not be. One is not better than the other, but we can all agree that most young girls would prefer selling cookies over rigorous physical activities.

This is not to say that some young girls do not enjoy physical activities or that girls are not capable of engaging in them. However, anyone who has frequent interactions with young kids is aware of these differences. Therefore, because young boys are different, it is logical that the programs geared towards each would be different as well. Furthermore, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are actually two separate institutions that are not connected. Each program is run in a way that reflects how the leaders wish to educate young children.     

It would be a big mistake for Boy Scouts to allow girls in their ranks. As discussed, the Boy Scouts program is geared specifically towards boys and changing this agenda would change the institution completely. Additionally, the parents of these boys continue to send their children to Scout activities because they are satisfied with the program. The population who is supporting the Boy Scouts want their boys to gain from the lessons and teachings that the institution provides. There are plenty of co-ed activities that exist, yet these parents chose the single-sex institution for a reason. Those who are the cornerstone of the establishment would not want girls to be a part of the program.

Bethany Mandel wrote an article for The Federalist in which she discusses why admitting transgender children into the Boy Scouts would be detrimental. She compared this situation to that of the Ringling Brothers Circus shutting down. Mandel explained that the circus gave in to demands by PETA and stopped using elephants in their circus. This led to a decline in ticket sales and ultimately the demise of the circus. This was because the customers attending the circus were not the same people that were criticizing its use of animals. By forgetting to prioritize the people who attend their shows and simply appeasing the leftist PETA activists, they no longer had any customers. Mandel explains that the Boy Scouts should have taken a lesson from this. Those on the left advocating for transgender children to be admitted into the scouts are very different from base of Boy Scout parents who tend to be more right-wing.

“Making urban twenty-somethings happy does nothing to pad the scouts’ bottom line, but angering older Americans outside of New England and the Northeast could do a lot to hurt it,” Mandel writes. 

The parents who send their children to the Boy Scouts are very different from those advocating for girls to be admitted. Therefore, if the establishment caves to leftist crying sexism this would likely be detrimental to their program and they would lose most of their support. The teenage girl who wants to earn a badge can join the Girl Scouts or other co-ed programs, but the Boy Scouts are not for her.

I cannot discuss this topic without bringing in the famous meme of Ben Shapiro roasting a leftist regarding the Boy Scouts.

Screen Shot - Twitter

Screen Shot – Twitter

Ben is absolutely right. Boy Scouts are for boys.

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