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ESPN veteran anchor: Liberal bias was a reason for massive layoffs

Linda Cohn confirmed that ESPN's liberal bias was their folly. (Photo via ESPN)

Linda Cohn confirmed that ESPN’s liberal bias was their folly. (Photo via ESPN)

People often watch sports to get away from politics, but when politics seep into sports coverage, viewers are flipping the channel.

The liberal bias was confirmed by Linda Cohn, a longtime veteran of the sports media giant ESPN, who was saddened to see her employer lay off more than 100 on-air personalities and reporters last Wednesday.

On WABC’s “Bernie and Sid Show,” Cohn, who has anchored the show SportsCenter since 1992, thinks that if her employer created a culture of sticking to sports, they would not be in this mess.

“I felt that the old school viewers were put in a corner and not appreciated with all these other changes,” she admitted. “And they forgot their core. You can never forget your core and be grateful for your core group.”

ESPN also put a lot of stock in building their brand through college sports to compete with streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

“They definitely overpaid for many of these products, whether it’s the NBA or starting up networks like the Pac-12 Network and SEC Network,” Cohn said. “It’s well documented … They did not see that they would lose all these subscribers [to competitors like Netflix].”

With respect to the Colin Kaepernick national anthem story and giving Caitlyn Jenner an ESPY Arthur Ashe award, Cohn believes that the network’s liberal lean helped drive away viewers.

“That is definitely a percentage of it,” she said. “I don’t know how big a percentage, but if anyone wants to ignore that fact, they’re blind.”

In January, it was reported that ESPN suffered their worst ratings in 2016 due to the election and their skewed liberal agenda seeping into their sports coverage. In March, Sports Illustrated reported that massive layoffs would occur at the network, but few knew how bad it would be. Now, folks are criticizing ESPN for letting go all of the reporters and journalists while retaining all the insufferable personalities that drove them away in the first place.

Guess ESPN didn’t fully learn their lesson.

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