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Emails released: FBI investigating Bernie Sanders’ wife



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) may believe in universal higher education, but the for-profit college his wife ran is landing her in hot water with the FBI.

E-mails from the U.S. Attorney for Vermont were released on Thursday showing that as recently as February, the FBI was investigating Jane Sanders’ time as president of Burlington College from 2004 to 2011.

While the FBI refused to comment if an ongoing investigation was still taking place, as is standard practice, the chair of the school’s Board of Trustees admitted to Vermont Digger on Thursday that they’ve been conducting it for over a year.

The investigation stems from a land deal Jane Sanders attempted to make back in 2010 when she tried to acquire 32 acres of land for the school. She overstated the amount of money the school had fundraised in order to get a loan to buy the new property, claiming she had $2.6 million when in fact she only had $676,000.

Coralee Holm, Burlington College’s former dean of operations and advancement, told Seven Days that the school itself was not part of the investigation and it was centered around Jane Sanders.

Throughout the 2016 Democratic primary, the Sanders family reached out to Holm to find out if there was any public scrutiny that would attract negative attention to the family. Apparently, the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign missed the story.

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