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Savage: Yale Republicans host BBQ next to liberal hunger strike

America is hunger strikes and BBQs living side-by-side in harmony. (Photo via Facebook)

America is hunger strikes and BBQs living side-by-side in harmony. (Photo via Facebook)

In an effort to protest Yale’s treatment of a graduate student “union,” the group Local 33 staged a hunger strike until the school administration gave into negotiating with them over their purported collective bargaining rights. However, there was one problem, a group of Yale College Republicans hosted a barbecue right next to them.

Local 33, which allowed participants to go on strike with them until they were too hungry, were taunted by the young GOPers on Friday in Beinecke Plaza with baked beans, corn, and barbecued beef. Sounds delicious, but apparently, it wasn’t enough to throw the eight fasting graduate students off their game.

“We weren’t focused on it,” Local 33 Chair Aaron Greenberg told Yale Daily News. “We’re really focused on making sure we’re drinking enough water and getting enough rest. We’re focused on getting the University’s attention.”

The picnic was advertised on Facebook as a tongue-in-cheek response to the hunger strike. Some have called the BBQ “mean-spirited” or “sick,” however, most on the internet are calling them legends.

Yale spokesman Tom Conroy told the Yale Daily News that Local 33’s bargaining request was premature and their hunger strike was unwarranted.

“The University cannot compel anyone to refrain from this activity, but strongly urges that students not put their health at risk or encourage others to do so,” Conroy said.

At this time, Yale administrators and Local 33 members have not started negotiating on collective bargaining rights. So if Local 33 has its way, they’ll continue to hunger strike, and Yale College Republicans still have plenty of opportunities to host a food fight in their vicinity.

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