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Big Sis, Stop funding illegals over free speech — or resign

AP Photo/Noah Berger

AP Photo/Noah Berger

During the last few weeks, we’ve noticed two storylines emerging separately out of the University of California system, headed by former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (known by critics as ‘Big Sis‘).

The first was an increase in funding and focus for “undocumented” students, culminating in a taxpayer-funded trip for Napolitano to Mexico. From our story on the April trip:

Yesterday from Mexico City, Napolitano announced the start of a partnership with the Mexican Secretariat of Energy which will funnel $10 million from UC funds, essentially California taxpayer dollars, to research in Mexican universities…

Yes – in addition to committing over $25 million in financial aid to illegal students and giving them preferential treatment in admissions and internship programs, establishing UC campuses as ‘sanctuary cities‘, and ordering UC Police to defy federal law enforcement officials to protect criminal aliens, the UC will give away millions of taxpayer dollars to Mexico for no reason other than to spite Trump.

Napolitano isn’t only sending direct funding to Mexico, she also supports one of the most robust aid programs for students who are here illegally.

Meanwhile, Berkeley hasn’t been willing to invest in protecting student groups’ free speech when they invite speakers on campus. Whether it was Milo Yiannopoulis or Ann Coulter, Berkeley refused to protect innocent students and speakers from Anti-Fa rioters.

With Milo, Berkeley canceled the speech without rescheduling after they allowed rioters to take over the campus, destroy university property, and assault conservatives. With Coulter, Berkeley tried to push Coulter away from speaking at times where they would have to protect her and the student group. They tried to push her to speak during times when no one was on campus.

In both instances, Berkeley cheaped out on security and let lawless violence stop free speech.

Here’s an idea for the UC system and Napolitano: spend more money on security for students — and less money on Mexico and students who are here illegally. Spending $35 million on direct aid to Mexican universities and financial aid to illegal immigrants, while shorting on security funds to protect students and their First Amendment rights, is staggeringly unacceptable.

Napolitano was in charge of homeland security for the entire nation. It’s time for her to protect her own students and their campuses, or resign.


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