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The decline of Comedy Central: Their new left-wing TV shows all suck

Screen Shot- CNN

Screen Shot- CNN

The network that brought the world South Park and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is slowly moving from becoming Comedy Central to Comedy Left.

Comedy Central has in the past displayed shows that were unafraid to show diverse opinions and test the limits of what society would deem “offensive.” Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, which is similar in format to its successor on HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher, is an example of this. It featured guests from a variety of political perspectives, despite Maher’s own left-leaning attitudes. Although the show was ironically cancelled after some politically incorrect comments made by Bill Maher, its central idea of open dialogue with the extremist and the pacifist allowed for different views to engage in the mainstream without stigmatization or censorship.

In the present day, Comedy Central is still the host of long-time unfiltered and politically incorrect comedies Tosh.0 and South Park, which poke fun at all equally and with no restraint. These have higher ratings among millennials on a weekly basis than their primarily liberal-tooting counterparts, such as The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Inside Amy Schumer. The Nightly Show was given the axe last year after only a year on air, with its clear bias alienating viewers despite Larry Wilmore being a writer for Jon Stewart.  

Even though the network is aiming to provide quality comedy and humor, its aim to appeal to younger viewers may be its downfall as its current, newer shows are ridden with unfunny monologues that lead to no punchline — or at least, the punchline is on them. The shows themselves are landing more as jokes than the “jokes” on the show. It’s this joke that the creators haven’t gotten yet.   

Comedy Central has also participated in the censorship of their most popular series, South Park, when in 2014 they prohibited the image of the Muslim prophet and founder Muhammed on the show, citing fear of being blown-up. However, the image of Muhammed had been previously depicted in a 2001 episode, with no censorship from the company and no backlash from viewers. The network still allows crude depictions of Jesus, which the creators of South Park have pointed out is contradictory.  

The network is now continuing its brigade with three new shows that would feed into the leftist agenda they have been promoting progressively for the last few years.

Moshe Kasher’s Problematic will tackle “a single topic of online outrage- impeachment, the dark web, ideological changes of heart, the liberal case for guns, and more.” The show’s first episode aired earlier this month, with its central topic being that of cultural appropriation. The show includes a panel of “comedians and experts” who comment on the topic.

Kasher and the largely one-sided panel members were quick to immediately criticize whites, using Kendall Jenner as the poster child for all whites, for appropriating black culture by wearing dreadlocks, stating that an inequality exists in the reception of both races when wearing the hairstyle. The “laugh-out-loud” joke of the evening was a tired jab at the Kardashians.

The President’s Show is masked as a satirical look at the “inner psyche” of President Trump, with most outlets praising the impersonation as the best done so far. The actor playing Trump has stated in regards to the show that, “we can contribute to examining his identity and forcing the… cable news media, and so on, to stop doing this pretend game where just because he’s the president now, we pretend he’s not this weird, lecherous guy.” Media outlets have acclaimed it for “portraying Trump as a pathetic, solitary and gross sex offender.”

Comedy Central has also announced it would be giving MTV Decoded host Francesca Ramsey her own pilot. MTV Decoded is a YouTube series wherein Ramsey delivers a “refreshing” look at popular topics of interest to most (leftists) such as race relations and feminism. The series’ latest video, which was uploaded on the MTV channel rather than the MTVNews channel, garnered over 100,000 views and a dislike bar of 16,000 dislikes compared to 2,000 likes. The best irony in this announcement is that Ramsey is a critic of jokes she deems offensive, as one of her videos explains how racial jokes are “oppressive” to minority groups.

Comedy Central has forgotten the first word in its title, and has evolved into a hotbed for the regressive ideology, adding shows to its line-up that regurgitate the mainstream culture obsession with social inequity and its apprehension to the “privileged.”

Perhaps the silver-lining in this will be the South Park episode where the Member Berries reminisce on the Comedy Central that was quick-witted, somewhat diverse, and most importantly of all, comedic.

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