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At Berkeley rally, Gavin McInnes delivers Ann Coulter’s speech [VIDEO]



Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes attended a rally for free speech at UC Berkeley on Thursday to protest the school silencing conservative writer Ann Coulter. School administrators were too afraid that liberal students would riot.

McInnes said that the only way to tackle controversial issues and topics is through debate, and universities should be the ideal place to lead those discussions. However, the left-wing student body has shut down anyone they find reprehensible. He reflected on when former U.S. Treasury Secretary and President of Harvard Larry Summers said that women might not have a predilection for STEM fields. Liberal members in the audience said they felt physically ill for even posing the question and Summers ultimately lost his job soon after.

“Ann was betrayed, she was censored,” McInnes said. “They put all the legal onus upon her so if someone gets hurt tonight it would have been on her head, but now it’s on my head and I’m happy to take this on my head.”

Coulter sent McInnes the speech she intended to give at Berkeley, and he read it, though he said it wasn’t as controversial as he’d hoped.

“We’re told as if it’s good news immigrants use welfare at only 15 percent above native-born rate, it’s like saying only 15 percent of the food has rat feces in it,” McInnes said reading from Coulter’s speech. “We don’t want any rat feces. The fact that any immigrants are on welfare proves we’re not taking the right immigrants.”

McInnes continued to deliver Coulter’s speech while inserting his own commentary and story of immigrating from the U.S. from Canada.

Watch the video below: