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Grammy-nominated rapper disses Tomi Lahren in song lyrics

Tomi Lahren's days at TheBlaze are over according to a new report. (Photo via TheBlaze)

Tomi Lahren’s days at TheBlaze are over according to a new report. (Photo via TheBlaze)

In a dimly-lighted, purple neon colored room, DC rapper Wale prepared to debut a track at the Genius HQ. The track is called “Shine,” but a particular verse aimed at Tomi Lahren dates a longstanding feud between the artist and the former TV anchor.

Sitting right beside hip-hop journalist and Genius Manager Rob Markman, wedged across bottle service as the dope beat triggers into action, Wale spat directly onto the mic and delivered 4 bars taunting her whiteness.

“Tomi I Lahren, I aint ready for you/All the Beckys want an Uncle Tom Sawyer/Race draft first pick/John Lennon for Don Lemon,” he rapped via Complex News.

For clarity, Wale would rather bid on a late Beetle over Don Lemon who is alive and well in his early 50s in a racial draft pick.

“Shine” is one of two Wale songs bashing Lahren. Wale served her a 4-piece combo for the first time in his single “Smile” in January 2017.

On behalf of Charlemagne I’m sure he ain’t trading sides/

Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren/ I’ll Lauryn Hill her

/Train her; she miseducated anyway/ Prolly hate the color of my face

Lahren parsed the lyrics to her own diss track, and tweeted a spitefully-laced rebuttal.

“So if you’re gonna put someone in a song…diss ’em.. perhaps get their fricken name right next time @Wale,” she tweeted. She would later mock his name by calling him, “Whale.

Lahren is also undergoing a countersuit from her former boss and co-founder of The Blaze TV, Glenn Beck. Allegedly, he is using her one-sided rap beef to prompt up the argument that her termination from the network was a result of “divisive” employment conduct.

If confirmed, Beck’s reaction to Twitter drama would suggest a smear campaign, as conveyed on Red Alert, to use any and all resources to defang her media career. Why so serious?

How bizarre would it be, allegedly, to exert an incident in early January to justify a suspension-now-banishment that started in late March?

Disclosure: The author was an intern at Warner Music Group, the parent company of Wale’s imprinted label, Maybach Music Group/Atlantic Records.

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