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Caitlyn Jenner: A pro-LGBT GOP more likely than Dems cutting taxes [VIDEO]

(Photo via Fox News)

(Photo via Fox News)

In his first show since succeeding Bill O’Reilly in the 8pm ET slot, Tucker Carlson spoke with Caitlyn Jenner about her thoughts on President Trump and his support for the LGBT community as well as her new memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

During the Republican National Convention, Jenner admitted that it was harder for her to come out as a Republican than it was to come out as transgender.

However, on Fox News, Jenner went a step further by saying that despite Hillary Clinton being strong on LGBT issues, she’s not a one issue voter and chose Trump over Hillary.

“I believe in limited government. I believe in our Constitution,” Jenner said. “I would rather convince the Republican party to do a better job when it comes to all LGBT issues than to try to convince the Democrats to lower taxes and lower regulations and let our country thrive financially and economically.”

While Democrats are doubling down on identity politics and resisting Trump to persuade the next generation of potential voters to choose them over the GOP, Republicans are focusing on winning the war of ideas when it comes to the economy.

However, Jenner said that she was a bit let down by Trump in his first 100 days because she trusted him on LGBT issues.

“That’s where my fight is,” she said. “I thought Trump would be good but he’s kind of disappointed me in the first 100 days.”

Watch the full interview below: