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Left-wing talk show host: Fox News women deserve sexual harassment

RICHARD DREW/AP (via People Magazine)

RICHARD DREW/AP (via People Magazine)

On Thursday April 20th, Ron Kuby, a leftist radio talk show host on “Curtis and Kuby,” said the women who were sexually harassed by Bill O’Reilly should not have been surprised by what happened to them because they created a culture that permitted his behavior.

These women… on air… helped create and perpetuate and profit from the right wing Fox culture of hatred, homophobia misogyny, bigotry, racism,” Kuby said. “They helped make that happen and now they are shocked that they got eaten up by that? The same ugliness that they helped perpetuate day in and day out finally came for them.”

Kuby seems to be stating these women deserved to be sexually harassed by O’Reilly simply due to their political views. Because they are conservative women, Kuby has deemed them perpetuators of “hatred, homophobia misogyny, bigotry, racism” and therefore deserving of such mistreatment.

First of all, not all of the women who have come out against O’Reilly were conservative women. He often hosted women with opposing viewpoints and many have come forward with complaints. Were they less deserving of sexual harassment than conservative women according to Kuby? Does any woman deserve to get mistreated in such a manner? What happened to the common decency of not blaming the victim for crimes committed against them? Apparently, these courtesies, along with many other so-called feminists principles, are not applied when it comes to women on the right. For example, the Left’s treatment of Kellyanne Conway proves that it is okay to demean and sexualize women if they are conservative.

Another obvious point to make against this claim is the glaring irony of Kuby calling Fox News misogynistic and biased while simultaneously perpetuating these offenses. His statement suggests that these women should not have been surprised to be treated with such disrespect because they themselves exhibit this behavior.

Because Kuby disagrees with the opinions of Fox News and conservatives, he feels that anyone who works for the network or shares its viewpoints is not worthy of being respected as a woman or even a human being. Moreover, Kuby is using the exhausted leftist tactic of claiming racism, bigotry and hate against people he disagrees with. His blatant bias against Fox News provides a rationalization for blaming these women for crimes committed against them. He provides no evidence showing how any of these women acted with prejudice, yet he makes these claims simply to validate his narrative. Besides, even if he did prove any of his own accusations does that mean that they somehow deserved sexual harassment?

It is ridiculous to assert that the women accusing O’Reilly of sexual harassment brought it on themselves because of their political leanings. What kind message does that send to young conservative woman and society as a whole?

It is shocking how quickly people drop their principles in order to further their political opinions. If this same situation happened to women who worked for MSNBC, would anyone be claiming that it was their own fault? Of course not. It is not okay to manipulate narratives simply to push a biased agenda to make your political opponents look bad. Ron Kuby accuses Fox News of hate and bias, but it looks like he is the one guilty of those charges.  

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