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Conservatives win: High school reverses course, will host “America Monday”

(Photo via Loudoun County Public Schools)

(Photo via Loudoun County Public Schools)

Nowadays when a school caves to student demands, it usually comes from social justice warriors who demand a safe space, the cancellation of a conservative speaker, or the firing of a professor or teacher for not acknowledging their sensitivities.

However, Loudoun County High School in Leesburg, Virginia (just outside Washington, DC) is giving into the demands of a Young Conservatives group to hold “America Monday,” according to NBC Washington 4. The day in which students are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue to show American pride to promote school spirit was in flux after a misunderstanding took place between the student council and school administrators.

On Thursday, Young Conservatives took to social media and accused Loudoun County school faculty of refusing to hold an “American-themed spirit day” because it was too political.

“I believe the administration was a little bit too afraid that they might have offended somebody with American Day,” Conrad Biles, a member of the Young Conservatives, told NBC 4.

This also did not fly well with Daniel Eisert, a senior at LCHS, who wrote a letter to the editor of Loudoun Now.

“Since when was being American too political?” Eisert wrote. “The celebration of the United States, if anything, is a unifying force bringing people together of all backgrounds and cultures in an environment that promotes freedom and democracy in a unique fashion. We are all Americans. American patriotism should be fostered in our public schools rather than discouraged.”

However, school administrators denied the claim and said that the student council simply chose a different day to hold it. The story quickly built up steam, so Loudoun County Public School spokesman Wayde Byard had to step in to say it was all a misunderstanding.

“On social media this got totally out of control — people jumping in with no knowledge of the situation, ascribing motives to the principal and others that simply weren’t there,” Byard told NBC 4.

After the student council suggested hosting a “Freedom Friday,” the principal recommended another day that an “American-themed spirit day” had previously not held.

Everything was eventually cleared up and the student council finally decided to declare Monday, April 24th as “America Monday.” The principal quickly approved the request.

Young Conservatives said they were thrilled by the decision and that students will be wearing red, white, and blue on Monday. They also would not apologize for their tactics. And why should they? It’s not like they beat up, shouted down, or demanded the resignation of their political opponent like many liberal students would do. If anything, liberals on college campuses should be taking notes.


Red Alert Politics will host a podcast with one of the Young Conservatives from this story later today. Stay tuned. 


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