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Dating in D.C. has changed since Trump

Dating is never easy, especially in an environment as political as Washington D.C. However, since President Trump was elected, things have changed bigly and not for the better.

American University’s WAMU reported on Wednesday that singles in the nation’s capital are increasingly voicing their political opinions on dating apps. Liberals, in particular, are screening conservatives flocking to D.C. to work for the Trump Administration.

Apps like OkCupid, The League, and have seen a huge spike in the number of people not willing to date anyone across the political aisle.

This is especially common for single liberals in D.C. 92 percent of left-wing singles on OkCupid refuse to date a Republican. Meanwhile, only 71 percent of conservatives are also refusing to date a Democrat. On the dating app The League, twice as many Democrats are unwilling to go out with someone of a different political opinion as Republicans.

Brenna Duncan retold WAMU how she went on a fantastic first date with this man named Brian in Georgetown, but, on the second date, he told her that he voted for Trump, and she ended it immediately.

Other dating apps like Tinder feature one-word political stances like, “Want to Make America Great” or “I’m still with her.” There is more hope for a conservative to find love in D.C. since the beginning of the Trump Administration, the number of conservatives on OkCupid has doubled.

Duncan admitted to WAMU that after leaving Brian at the restaurant, she begrudgingly accepted that there’s more to life than just politics. They’ve been dating for four months.

While partisanship is presenting gridlock in the halls of Congress, maybe there’s a chance for some millennials to rekindle a Mary Matalin and James Carville type of bipartisanship.

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