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Showtime’s Homeland takes a leftist turn, and a dangerous one

Image via Showtime Networks Inc.

Image via Showtime Networks Inc.

When Showtime’s Homeland premiered in 2011, it showed something that conservatives were aching for in television — a conservative view on the world. However, this past season, the inevitable turn to leftism finally came.

Homeland, a show about the CIA and Islamic terror, started as a story about a CIA agent and her mentor, Carrie Matheson and Saul Berenson, respectively, working to take down a suspected traitor to Al-Queda, Nicholas Brody. The show starts off as a truthful look at the world on the danger terrorism imposed. But this season, Carrie turns from terrorist-hunter to Muslim-apologist, and Saul turns from a proud-Jew and pro-Israel advocate to a self-loather who condemns his sister and brother-in-law for living in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank.) They claim to make “peace less possible,” and call the Covenant to Abraham to give his descendants the land “a form of insanity.”

Saul is played by Mandy Patinkin, possibly most famous for playing Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. And just like his Homeland character’s leftist turn, the actor is happy to show his blatant leftism when it comes to Islam and terrorism.

Appearing on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, Patinkin decided to desperately virtue-signal the pro-Muslim worldview, calling white men in both the government and the military “the bad guys” while calling Muslim refugees “the safest possible citizens you could say hello to.” When asked about Homeland’s original perceived bias to the Right, Patinkin said that this past season was trying to rectify that.

Patinkin then talked about his efforts to bring Syrian refugees into the country, and jumped on host Chuck Todd’s question about Americans’ fear that there may be in increase in terrorism. Todd asked how Patinkin can deescalate that fear.

Patinkin answered that politicians are just playing off peoples’ fear of terrorism to get elected. “It’s the oldest trick in the book,” he said. “I find someone to vilify. In movies, it was cowboys and Indians and the Nazis, Communists, you know. Now, they’ve chosen the Muslim community.”

This is possibly the most asinine and dangerous way of looking at the world. The Nazis sought to exterminate anyone not in their “perfect race,” killing around 13 million, including 6 million Jews. Communism has killed over 100 million people worldwide since the end of World War II. Almost every terror attack on American soil or against American soldiers abroad has been committed in the name of Islam. And do we even have to mention the terror that the refugee influx is causing in Europe, particularly in Sweden and Germany?

But notice how Patinkin chose to focus on the word “fear.” Remember, using the word “fear,” is how the Left vilifies the Right — “homophobic,” “Islamophobic,” “transphobic,” you name it. A phobia is a synonym for “fear.” So, of course, the Right looks like fear-mongering racists. Just like we do in any situation where we disagree with the left. Forget what is happening in real time. The leftist worldview must prevail at all costs.

Patinkin’s opinions compose more than a totalitarian mindset and a warped worldview. It is a worldview that can potentially cause Americans to be killed. But Patinkin, and other actors living in gated communities, would never see the consequences of their words. They’ll just continue to call regular Americans racist and Islamophobic, while watching more people die in the name of “tolerance.”

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