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No 2018 landslide? Trump and GOP see polls improve, while Dems sink

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

The special elections in Kansas and Georgia have a lot of experts projecting a wave for Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections. However, recent polling suggests that the party’s base may not be as energized as it seems.

A Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday showed Trump improved by six points in the last two weeks. His approval numbers increased to 40 percent while his negatives dropped a point to 56 percent.

The big reason Trump’s approval ratings jumped were due to an increase in support among Republicans by eight percent, Independents by six, men by seven, women by three, millennials by six, and minorities by seven.

Trump’s gain primarily comes from undecided voters. Democrats still despise him, but there’s a stronger consensus in support of the President among people who aren’t strict partisans.

House Republicans also experienced a small bounce, increasing their approval rating by three points to 24 percent while their disapproval dropped to 68 percent.

Their support grew among millennials, from 20 to 24 percent, Gen Xers from 16 to 20 percent, and baby boomers from 24 to 28 percent.

Democrats haven’t had the same type of renaissance with voters.

The approval rating for Congressional Democrats has dropped five points to 29, while their disapproval has increased six points to 63 percent.

Democrats and especially millennials are fleeing the party in droves. Among millennials, the Democrat Party’s support has dropped by 10 points from 34 to 24 points in just two weeks. Their disapproval stands at 69 percent.

Registered Democrats are also souring on their party. 40 percent say they disapprove of their party in Congress.

Among Independents, Congressional Democrats’ disapproval grew by eight points and stand at 70 percent.

This sign might become a trend, and the Democrats’ base is not as energized as Republicans. It might stop a liberal landslide in 2018.

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