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Safe Space Gym: No cisgendered patriarchs, no mirrors allowed



If you’re a transgendered two-spirited Latinx, who enjoys discussing pronouns, body positivity, and wants to work out without feeling oppressed from heteronormative cisgendered patriarchs, California has just the gym for you.

The Perfect Sidekick, otherwise known as the Queer Gym, has been open since 2010, but recently gained more media attention from sites like Vice and Mic for embracing the new changes in “gym culture.”

“If you’re looking to get swole with a bunch of homos and homies, you’ve found the right gym,” said founder Nathalie Huerta in their promotional videoDoesn’t that just sound inclusive?

Members begin their workout by sharing their names and preferred pronouns, everyone shares the same locker room regardless of gender, and there are no mirrors because after all, that makes people judge themselves or each other. Who needs good form when it can make you feel bad about yourself?

Their Instagram account is filled with things that have absolutely nothing to do with diet or exercise like invitations to “Taco Tuesday,” memes about body positivity, and support for progressive politics.

Some more #realness from @kayyfacee. ✌🏽

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It doesn't have to be one or the other. #inclusive #safespace #bodypositive

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Happy #burpee to youuuuu! 🎂 🎉 #ruthbaderginsburg

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Getting toned and looking good has been replaced with feeling good, embracing yourself, saying I am man/woman/trans/xi/intersex/pan hear me roar. Now just don’t show me a mirror.

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