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Mizzou 2.0? College cancels classes in response to race-based protests

(Wikimedia Commons)

(Wikimedia Commons)

Back in 2015, race-based protests rocked college campuses from Mizzou to Dartmouth and devastated some institutions causing a decline in enrollment more than a year later.

After a fairly quiet year, liberal student activists caused classes to be canceled at Harvey Mudd College for two days, reported Inside Higher Ed on Tuesday.

The California school did not hold classes on Monday or Tuesday following a sit-in held mostly by minority students who were infuriated at the school’s administration.

According to the website which lists their demands, students want five new counselors (three being of color) and funding for mental health services to increase by 25 percent annually until the year 2022. They also want an additional $3,000 for minority-based student groups.

Some students were also protesting because of the immense workload, Harvey Mudd is an elite science and engineering school, and many students said they felt too much pressure.

Professors at the campus had mixed feelings. Many said that the quality of students had decreased over the last few years. Many students are more dedicated to social media and their phones than they are to science.

The school administration was sympathetic to the students and made the decision to cancel class, so students and teachers could have more time to focus on the demands and racial tensions on campus.

By Tuesday they even buckled to some of their demands, agreeing to give each of the minority student groups $1,500 each, in additional mental health funding and would look into more funding.

Additionally, some faculty members had to go through sensitivity training on Monday.

If history has taught anything from these student protests, it’s that when the administration gives an inch, protestors ask for a yard or the dean to step down from office.

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