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Libertarian swing-voter: I don’t regret my vote for Trump

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President Donald Trump will enjoy 100 days in office on April 29th. Since taking his oath to protect and defend our Constitution, he has made bold promises and has delivered a bittersweet assortment of accomplishments. The last time I wrote for Red Alert Politics was the week before the 2016 election. I explained, “Why I just switched my vote from Gary Johnson to Donald Trump.” 

I switched for three main reasons: diplomacy with Russia, ending the war on drugs, and repealing Obamacare — and I do not regret my decision, although I do have some concerns.

The first issue of diplomacy with Russia has seen a smokescreen of Democrats blaming their embarrassing loss on Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin interfering with elections in America. Nothing could be further from the truth. While palace intrigue is the business of every intelligence agency in the world, the American people became fed up with the Clinton crime family and dethroned their dynasty once and for all, showing it with Electoral College upsets in manufacturing areas that were previously Democrat strongholds.

Many Americans have seen Trump’s willingness to work with Russia on the issue of Syria as a strong point of his foreign policy. It is true that he made the decision to use Tomahawk missiles against the base that was suspected of carrying out the chemical attack against civilians. However, the Trump administration alerted Russia before striking unilaterally in order for them to remove Russian observers from the area.

Tensions in the area would be much worse if Hillary Clinton were president now as evidenced by the bloodlust of her neocon allies like Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio. While they may beat the war drums regardless of the consequences, Trump has been wise to defer military judgements on policy to Secretary of Defense James Mattis. The ‘Warrior Monk’ has a strong track record of following the best strategy to secure America. This was seen in the recent MOAB strike in Afghanistan that sent a double-edged message. First, to Russia that we will not tolerate ISIS strongholds in the Middle East, and second, to North Korea that we have the capability to take down the barbaric Kim Jong-Un regime if he continues to be belligerent in testing ballistic missiles capable of a nuclear payload.

So far, Trump has proven that his foreign policy is to speak softly and carry a big stick like Teddy Roosevelt.

The second issue behind my support was the war on drugs. America has seen a plethora of states legalize industrial hemp, medical marijuana, and recreational cannabis for adults across the West Coast (California, Oregon, and Washington), the Rocky Mountain region (Nevada and Colorado), and the East Coast (Massachusetts & Maine). Many other states plan to follow suit in 2018.

Meanwhile, Trump has appointed one of the most out-of-touch choices for Attorney General in Jeff Sessions. Sessions is the poster boy for the failure of prohibition and is courting the war on drugs like it is a Southern debutante in need of sweet tea. He has derided veterans who use medical marijuana as bad people, while trying to make pop culture jokes about how Lady Gaga said she is addicted to the cannabis plant. Thankfully, a supermajority of the American people are in favor of marijuana legalization while our neighbor Canada have announced they will legalize pot for all adults across their sovereign nation in 2018. As a last resort, many states are using their Tenth Amendment rights to nullify any quixotic federal witch hunts that Sessions may try to spook the legal free market marijuana businesses from generating tax revenue.

Finally, the lackluster effort to repeal Obamacare was seen as a major embarrassment for the Trump administration. Instead of following the wishes of the House Freedom caucus of a full repeal, we saw the venom of the voracious minions of swampland Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who sought to water down Obamacare into a version of Trumpcare. The public outrage was so loud that the House Freedom Caucus was able to derail the vote and the bill failed to even see the light of day on the floor of Congress. One silver-lining is that Trump issued an executive order to the IRS to not penalize citizens for not having insurance if they don’t report that on their tax returns. In the Senate, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been working overtime with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to negotiate with President Trump on a full repeal. This is where we see the swamp in the Washington Beltway has gotten Trump’s boots muddy. However, this lesson should teach his administration to have better judgement on following the Constitution in the future.

The most appropriate next moves for the Trump administration will be to reduce taxes for all American citizens and to finally audit the Federal Reserve, as he promised numerous times during the campaign. I am still thankful I helped Trump win at the last minute last November. If Trump follows through on auditing the Fed with a Republican majority in both the House and Senate in Congress, it will be much easier to achieve another term in 2020. However, I am a swing voter and will remain skeptical until I actually see our champions for liberty made leaders under the Trump administration or if they are relegated to the sidelines of power.

But, regardless of the next four years, I am thankful we do not have to deal with the war-hungry Clinton administration.

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