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Jon Ossoff makes it to second round of job interview: “Victory for the ages”

Jon Ossoff should hold his head up high. He scored a "victory for the ages." (Photo via New York Times)

Jon Ossoff should hold his head up high. He scored a “victory for the ages.” (Photo via New York Times)

In Tuesday night’s special election, 30-year-old congressional candidate Jon Ossoff narrowly missed the 50 percent threshold to claim HHS Secretary Tom Price’s vacant seat in Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

Ossoff received 48.1 percent of the vote leading the pack of Democrats. His Republican opponent Karen Handel got the most votes in her party and will have a run-off with Ossoff in June.

“We know how to fight,” Ossoff told supporters late Tuesday. “This is already a victory for the ages. We have defied the odds — we have shattered expectations.”

If a second job interview is “a victory for the ages” and “shattered expectations,” then we millennials really need some help in today’s economy.

Ossoff’s rhetoric suggests that millennials are so used to failing in the job market, being either unemployed or underemployed, and living with your parents. Getting that second job interview is what we’ve always wanted.

With a June run-off, who knows if the Republicans will rally behind Handel and upset Ossoff? Ossoff is raising a ton of money from out-of-state and poured in $8.2 million into the first round. What’s another $8 million?

Even if Ossoff loses in June, he can at least rest on his laurels, like Donald Trump, Sergio Garcia, the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Cavaliers, New England Patriots, and Leicester City, that he scored a “victory for the ages.”


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