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Yes, Glenn Beck is running a “smear campaign” on Tomi Lahren



Inside baseball is pretty lame, especially conservative inside baseball on Twitter.

The latest conservative Twitter carfuffle happened because employees from The Blaze and their close friends took offense at our headline, “Glenn Beck countersues Tomi Lahren, starts smear campaign.” Unsurprisingly, friends and allies of Glenn Beck did not like the characterization that his comments and the contents of the lawsuit are a “smear campaign.”

However, we stand by the headline for a simple reason.



Beck is purposefully trying to create a negative perception of Lahren to justify his actions regarding her show and her employment. When a current or former employer spreads unsubstantiated and extremely harmful claims about an employee’s performance — and shares those claims with the public — this can fairly be characterized as a “smear campaign.”

Let’s go over what Beck and his attorneys have said about Lahren.

Even before the countersuit, Beck mocked Lahren for a misstatement and said she didn’t have “intellectual honesty.”

Beck’s countersuit, rather than just defending their legal right to suspend her without firing her or defending themselves against her lawsuit, attacks Lahren’s professional behavior. Beck’s countersuit spends the first three pages attacking Lahren’s character without a single mention of how TheBlaze followed the law in their action.

Beck’s suit calls her behavior “unprofessional and inappropriate” and her opinions “uninformed and inconsistent,” and has a point-by-point list of scorched-earth complaints about Lahren. This list would be appropriate if they needed legal justification to fire her, yet TheBlaze insists they haven’t fired Lahren. That’s the central element of their legal defense: TheBlaze can’t be successfully sued for wrongful termination if Lahren hasn’t been terminated.

If they haven’t fired her, why are they releasing harmful information about their own employee?

The list undermines their case that she is still employed and buttresses Lahren’s claim that Beck is holding her contract out of spite. That is the central legal argument for Lahren. She is being paid, yet her employer isn’t letting her work and is attacking her reputation publicly.

Here’s the list from the suit:



Is that how you would talk about someone you still choose to employ? Even if those claims are true, there is no doubt that Beck and his associates want Lahren’s reputation harmed. Hence, “smear campaign.”

Now, to our friends who work at TheBlaze and their Twitter friends, please feel free to disagree without being disagreeable. We don’t think Lahren is free of mistakes or should be sheltered from fair criticism. We simply chose an accurate headline to point out that Beck is purposefully attacking her reputation.

We are actually big fans of one of the media personalities attacking Red Alert. The others we don’t know much about. The editor of Red Alert was a loyal listener of Dana Loesch’s first local weekend radio show in St. Louis when he was in college. We see Loesch as a star among conservative commentators, even if she took us off her “reading list” (she never or very rarely linked to Red Alert before yesterday). In fact, we believe she has outgrown TheBlaze — and that could be why she doesn’t even mention her affiliation with TheBlaze in her Twitter bio.

TheBlaze‘s influence is getting smaller everyday, primarily due to Glenn Beck. Beck has only remained relevant one of three ways: attacking President Trump, attacking Lahren, or attacking his former comments when he was on Fox News (and relevant).

Unfortunately, this Lahren saga seems to say more about Beck and his falling star than it does about Lahren.

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