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University to Christians: You’re ‘spiritually privileged’

(University of Houston)

(University of Houston)

Accusations of “white privilege” and “gender privilege” were so 2016. However, the University of Houston is now teaching Christian students that they are “spiritually privileged.”

On Monday, the Young America’s Foundation’s (YAF) Censorship Exposed project reported that the University of Houston’s program “Ending Religious Trauma” detailed that Christians are responsible for the plight of high suicide rates as well as drug and alcohol abuse among the LGBTQ community.

The university stated that Christians created religious trauma when they say that certain sexual behaviors are sins and events like the Catholic sacrament of baptism creates “trauma.” They believe it’s an initiation into the church in which others must be excluded.

Phrases like “love the sinner, hate the sin” or “Jesus can change you” are especially trigger inducing.

Like all social justice warrior mentalities, it’s unlikely that the University of Houston will be the only school to attack Christian students.

YAF put out a reminder to all students, who feel like their religious convictions are under threat, that the University of Houston is a publicly funded institute — and they’re guaranteed First Amendment rights.

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