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Millennials & socialism: Teen thinks she has a “right” to birth control



Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has a new hometown opponent – and she’s less than one-third of his age. Deja Foxx, a 16 year old from Tucson, Arizona, lit into the Senator recently at a town hall meeting over his opposition to Planned Parenthood.

She said, “So, I’m a young woman and you’re a middle-aged man; I’m a person of color, and you’re white; I come from a background of poverty…you come from privilege.” She then asked the Senator why he opposes her “right” to Planned Parenthood and free birth control.

Foxx is sharp and well-spoken. She’s clearly adept at liberal identity politics: I am marginalized, you are a white man, ergo your opinions are wrong and mine are valid. Now give me free birth control. The room erupted in cheers. Someone in a full-body chicken suit hugged Foxx as she stood at the microphone. I have no explanation for this, but felt like you’d want to know this detail.

Sen. Flake, for his part, said that he wants to make the American dream available to everyone. Foxx fired back, accusing him of denying her the American dream.

The two have vastly different conceptions of what that American dream entails. Flake, like many conservatives, seems to believe in a dream of citizens being able to provide for themselves – and not needing, or even wanting, government interference.

Foxx’s American dream involves government funded (taxpayer-funded) medical care, delivered by the nation’s federally subsidized abortion provider.

She’s not alone. Plenty of young people think that the government ought to be providing more services to citizens.

Huffington Post looked at data on young voters and found that they equate big government with a government that provides more services – not necessarily a government that makes more rules.

If you’re under 30, you don’t remember the fall of the Soviet Union. You haven’t seen the vast poverty caused by a socialist superpower. But you have heard about what’s going on in Europe: free elections, free health care, free college. Of course, those things aren’t really free. Europeans are taxed aggressively to fund the bureaucracy.

Huffington Post says we have a distorted view of socialism: “Millennials are re-defining the word socialism, equating it with a “gentler” way of life, while maintaining the American value of working hard to get ahead. Taking care of each other, while enjoying the life we’ve been given.”

Listen up, HuffPo. It’s impossible to “take care of each other” if you cannot provide for yourself, something made exponentially more difficult under socialist governments. Under socialism, working hard doesn’t get you ahead.

If anyone seriously believes that socialism is gentle – and plenty of people do – then their history teachers and their news media have failed them miserably.

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