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Donald Trump becomes first president to be protested from space

(Photo via ASAN)

(Photo via ASAN)

Last week, Donald Trump became the target of a record-setting act against an American president. The Autonomous Space Agency Network (ASAN) launched the first ever “protest in space” against him.

The message reads, “Look at that, you son of a B**ch.”  It was launched via a weather balloon in Phoenix, Arizona and reached an altitude of 90,000 feet.

The Autonomous Space Agency Network, an organization dedicated to open source and do-it-yourself space exploration, decided to launch the large printout in solidarity with the upcoming March for Science protest against Trump on Earth Day, April 22. That upcoming march is to protest President Trump’s perceived actions against scientific progress.

The quote is taken from Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth person to walk on the moon. He once described the experience of being in space and looking down at the Earth. “From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a b**ch.’”

ASAN even provided footage of the Tweet lifting off into near-space.

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