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“Allahu Akbar”: Terrorist targets white men in Fresno

 (John Walker/Fresno Bee/via AP)

(John Walker/Fresno Bee/via AP)

A terrorist attack has struck downtown Fresno, California on Tuesday afternoon. Kori Ali Muhammad, otherwise known as “Black Jesus,” went on a racist hate-filled shooting spree, chanting “Allahu Akbar” and targeting white people.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer confirmed that Muhammad had made several Facebook posts talking about his hatred for white people. All the people Muhammad shot were white men.

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The murderer was already on the run from the law after killing a security guard at a Motel 6 last week, police said.

Fox News reported that the three men killed were shot in various locations including a PG&E moving truck and in front of Catholic Charities.

“Our thoughts are with all involved in the incident that occurred in Fresno today,” PG&E said in a statement. “Public and employee safety is always our top priority. We are still gathering information on what happened, and will work to support first responders and law enforcement in their efforts.”

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