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Sky News editor calls for spanking wimpy millennials

Millennials deserve this. (Photo via The Independent)

Millennials deserve this. (Photo via The Independent)

In another show of millennial bashing, Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley took on the lazy, weak, and entitled generation he believes is sinking Britain.

In his piece titled “Thin-skinned Millennials need a spanking,” Kiley brings out some examples of millennial weakness, including what made the English strong and successful leaders at home and abroad. The lead-in, however, implied that mourning the death of a few soldiers and police officers in the line of duty is a symptom of a lackadaisical generation.

Calling such mourning as “mass moments of theatrical reverence,” Kiley argues these moments of honoring the dead are a sign of how Britons are no longer made up of two world wars of grit. Britons are so weak they don’t even qualify for what made up Britons before they went to war. Agriculture jobs, he says, are too hard for millennials.

Public schools are to blame for raising an entitled and buttered up millennial generation, he argues. Although he admits no one wants to return to the history of sexual abuse in Britain’s public schools, he can’t help but state how such an environment created a resilient generation. In a response piece published in Vice, Joel Golby parodied a quote image that appeared in Kiley’s article with the words “I for one think sexual abuse is bad……….BUUUUUT.” Kiley’s sexual abuse caveat could be condensed to “but it didn’t do the Empire any harm!” mocked Golby.

Britain’s young adults used to be able to control large segments of Africa, but now, they can’t even boil water without help. “Britain’s problem is that the outside world is made of sterner stuff,” says Kiley as he goes on to describe the plight of Syrian and African refugees. In the end, the foreign affairs editor believes national service is the only recourse to a “soggy wet Britain.” A claim many critics point out as ironic. Kiley dropped out of the military half way through his time at Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford.

Even Reddit jumped in to criticize the piece. One user mentioned how lazy and weak members of society are present in all generations, adding that they were usually the rich back in the day. Another described how life is usually crisis free, but when a crisis appears people always exceed his expectations by rising to the occasion. And one mentioned how funny it is that “people complaining about millennials are the group that raised them,” stating it is not a lack of national service but a lack of appropriate parenting that is to blame. Other users called the piece and its author “pompous,” “comedically offensive,” and “desperately to be edgy.”

Twitter users also chimed in on the article. “The most entitled generation of all time takes another tedious swipe at its own children,” wrote one user. Others pointed out the potentially offensive African colonization comments. Another mocked the argument that millennials need a spanking: “’You know what millennials need?’ *thumbs through a 5-page list* ‘Well, spanking seems cheaper than access to good social housing so…’”

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