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Liberal professor rejoices: “Snowflakes are becoming a blizzard”

Millennials in Boston are protesting Donald Trump's victory, but now they're trying to save their fellow undocumented classmates from being deported (via Twitter/Zeninjor Enwemeka)

Millennials¬†are protesting Trump and his agenda now more than ever. Some think that now millennials are having their voices heard. They’re wrong. (via Twitter/Zeninjor Enwemeka)

After years of being denigrated and dismissed, precious “snowflake” millennials are supposedly coalescing into a giant “blizzard” and swallowing the Trump presidency whole.

That’s the theme of an article written by Penn State University professor Sophia McClennen in Salon, and millennials might as well read Chicken Soup for the Millennial Soul while they’re at it.

Citing recent polls, McClennen argues that because 57 percent of millennials view Donald Trump as an illegitimate president and only 22 percent approve of his job that somehow millennials are finally making their voices heard.

However, there’s a fallacy in her logic as millennials did have their voice heard. First of all, the methodology in the poll she cited is junk. Secondly, not even six months ago, 24 million millennials under the age of 35 voted in the 2016 election. By our math, at least 2 million more millennial voters cast their ballot for Donald Trump than projected by the polls, with the president winning 35 percent of their support.

There are many individual cases where millennial voices are silenced, but it’s not happening in the voting booth, and it’s certainly not directed at liberals. It’s happening on college campuses. The rise of anti-fascist and anti-Trump protesters in the last few months has completely stymied conservative and anti-establishment speech in places like UC-Berkeley and NYU.

While polls showed that a majority of Americans feared a Trump presidency, particularly women and people of color, millennial conservatives have consistently gotten the short end of the stick by being verbally abused and physically assaulted by those same type of “snowflake” millennials that McClennan’s discusses.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your voice to be heard, but amplifying your voice at the mental and physical expense of your political opponent doesn’t create more unity. And with the divisiveness we see in today’s political climate, who really needs more of that?

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