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Georgia special election: Bernie Millennials vs. Trump

(AP Photo/Alex Sanz)

(AP Photo/Alex Sanz)

In the wake of Trump’s victory last November, every young progressive millennial came to basically the same conclusion: Bernie Sanders would have won, even in districts Democrats usually lose.

On Tuesday, progressive millennials who backed Bernie have the chance to test their hypothesis in a special election for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

The district has been in Republican hands for nearly 40 years since Newt Gingrich won his House race in 1978. However, it has been slowly tilting more Democratic, as is the case for most of the Atlanta suburbs. Trump barely won the seat, and Price had the worst showing of his career.

Mother Jones reported that Ossoff has been using his youth to his advantage, even though Republicans have been attacking him for his inexperience.

“I’m trying to make the case to voters across the political spectrum,” Ossoff said at one of his rallies last week. “Someone who brings a younger perspective, fresher perspective can change the culture in Washington more effectively than someone who has run for office nine or ten times.”

Ossoff is running as a Bernie-style Democrat campaigning on far-left populism, an anti-Trump agenda, and nationwide grassroots fundraising backed by far left groups like the Daily Kos and Act Blue that filled his campaign war chest with $8.3 million.

His campaign is specifically geared to millennials that live in the district, especially the 22,632 Bernie supporters that voted in the primary. Many of them sat out during the general election.

The best chance Ossoff has for winning the election is to get 50 percent during the first round of voting against his more than dozen competitors. If he does this, he won’t have to go into a runoff where Republicans will likely coalesce around one candidate and beat him.

Either way, this race is showing the strength of the progressive millennial wing of the Democratic Party, and if Ossoff wins they’ll be plenty of more like him in the future.

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