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Alex Jones plays a “character”? How disappointing.

It's a sad day to be an Alex Jones fan. (Photo via InfoWars)

It’s a sad day to be an Alex Jones fan. (Photo via InfoWars)

There was once a war out for my mind, and everything I thought I believed to be true is turning out to be a lie.

According to his attorney, Alex Jones, the 43-year-old radio and television host of InfoWars and devout supporter of President Trump, is supposedly “playing a character.”

“He’s a performance artist,” Jones’ attorney Randall Wilhite argued during a recent custody hearing involving his three children, reported by the Austin American-Statesman.

Kelly Jones, Alex’s ex-wife, said in an emotional testimony that the real Alex Jones that you see is the one on TV spouting conspiracy theories. “He’s not a stable person. He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin’s neck. He wants J-Lo to get raped.”

Jones’ ex-wife is battling for sole custody of their 14-year-old son and 9- and 12-year-old daughters. They have lived with Alex since their 2015 divorce.

“I’m concerned that he is engaged in felonious behavior, threatening a member of Congress,” she said with regard to comments Alex made about Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). “He broadcasts from home. The children are there, watching him broadcast.”

Family and personal issues aside, this revelation is deeply disappointing. I held out hope that Alex Jones, whose Twitter handle ironically is @realAlexJones, was not, in fact, a phony. I thought he was a true believer in the things he said.

No matter how crazy his theories were, I relied on him to help me deal with my own sanity and well-being. Anytime I felt like I didn’t have a grip on the political environment that we’re currently navigating, I’d say to myself, “well, at least, I’m not woke like Alex Jones.”

Maybe I should’ve never hedged my bets that Jones drank the Kool-Aid he sold. Do chem trails still exist (and turn the freaking frogs gay)? Was the Newtown massacre really a “false flag”? Does Jones even support Donald Trump? Does he secretly love Barack Obama?

I never thought it would come to this, but it looks like America is red-pilling Alex Jones. All I ask for is privacy while I mourn through this difficult time.

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