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Young GOPer’s epic response to Trump tax question: Hillary’s Benghazi quote [VIDEO]

Chicago Young Republican President Jeff Halm is both the hero we need and deserve. (Photo via WGN-TV)

Chicago Young Republican President Jeff Halm (pictured left) is both the hero we need and deserve. (Photo via WGN-TV)

In the wake of nationwide protests from liberals demanding that President Trump release his tax returns, a young Republican named Jeff Halm took it upon himself to troll his local CBS News affiliate when he was reached for comment.

“I wanted something that conveyed my disdain for the line of questioning,” Halm told Red Alert Politics in an email. “I wanted to push a little to see if they knew I was messing with them.”

Halm, who is president of the Chicago Young Republicans (CYR; a chapter of the Young Republican National Federation), is a regular guest of CBS 2 for giving the conservative perspective on politics. When they tried to get a reaction from him on the Trump tax protests, Halm lifted a line directly out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook and said, “What difference at this point does it make?”


Halm posted the video to Twitter writing that the reporter had no idea he used a Hillary quote.

Hillary infamously said this line during a House Oversight Committee hearing in May 2013 to testify about her role in the 2012 Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead, including US Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens.

Halm told said didn’t plan to troll the CBS affiliate, but grew tired with their line of questioning. He noted that the interview was not only a win for him, but a win for CYR. “If they paraphrased me, I’d get quoted saying the protest was immaterial (which it is); if they direct-quoted me, I was hoping the internet would run with it (which it has, to some extent).”

When asked how he really felt about the Trump protests in relation to his tax returns, Halm said, “I think that the protesters believe they can find a ‘silver bullet’ whereby Trump is magically ejected from office, and Hillary installed in his place. Unfortunately for the protesters (and whoever convinced them of this), it doesn’t work like that.”

He continued. “Selma envy aside, the thing is that there are many fault lines where Dems could pick off Republicans to make common cause (the authority of the Syria strike, for example). However, it seems that the only arguments the Left is capable of making nowadays revolve around calling someone a bigot for one reason or another, which leaves them incapable of making the kind of nuanced arguments that could allow for such tactics to work.”

If you’re in Chicago on Wednesday and want to buy Halm a drink for his heroics, register for CYR’s upcoming Happy Hour event on Wednesday, April 19th at 6:30pm.