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Meet TheBlaze’s new bombshell conservative millennial



Glenn Beck and The Blaze have made recurring headlines during the past couple of weeks after former Tomi Lahren’s show with the network was cancelled and the drama that ensued. But a new development  at the conservative media outlet is surfacing to the spotlight. She’s bold, blonde, and delightfully passionate. Some might describe her as The Blaze‘s “new Tomi.”

Meet Allie Stuckey, a conservative blogger and vlogger living in Texas. Otherwise known by her fans as the Conservative Millennial, Allie has been turning heads as The Blaze TV‘s newest millennial on set.

In an interview with Red Alert, Allie says she first began making camera appearances for various shows on the network after a producer recognized her from her Facebook videos in February and invited her for several Facebook live video shoots, as well as guest appearances on the Dana Show. Now, Allie is working full-time as a contributing host in addition to maintaining her blog.

“I absolutely love it. The team is dynamic, and there’s so many exciting things going on at The Blaze all the time,” she said.

Although her starting time at The Blaze briefly overlapped with Tomi Lahren’s before she was fired, Allie did not have a personal relationship with Tomi. Nonetheless, she respects Tomi’s voice as one of the many viewpoints the network sustains.

“There are differing opinions at The Blaze, and The Blaze is a place where people are free to have different opinions and thats one thing that I absolutely love about The Blaze,” she says. “I feel free to be who I am and state my opinions, whether I was pro-choice or pro-life. I just happen to be pro-life.”

On foreign policy, Allie says she wants to be “slow to criticize” President Trump because of the complexities of the situation in Syria and Afghanistan; “however, there are crimes against humanity happening all over the world that we choose not to respond to… If we are going to be policing one part of the world it should be something that we should consider in other parts of the world if that’s the stance that we’re going to take.”

In general, however, Allie is optimistic about the president and the conservative movement in general.

As for her next year at The Blaze, Allie envisions helping to influence college students through vlogging, public speaking, and building empowerment programs for conservative millennials to have a voice in politics.

“Millennials want to know ‘why,'” she says. “We want to be compelled almost emotionally to be convinced in a certain way. So yes, logic is good. Logic works very well… But if you could tell me why it’s important that I believe in a certain way, why it’s logical, why these facts are presented the way they are — that’s how you connect to millennials.”

Indeed, Allie’s passionate voice is connecting to hundreds of thousands of millennials on social media, and with her newest gig, it could reach millions.

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