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What Fox News and conservatives can learn from Kendrick Lamar

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

By Liz Wolfe

Kendrick Lamar’s new album, “DAMN.” dropped Friday. On his first track, “Blood,” he samples a “Fox News” segment where Geraldo Rivera and panelists critiqued his performance of “Alright” at the BET Awards. It’s a completely tone-deaf segment that fails to understand Lamar’s goals, audience and context in which he’s delivering his message. But worse, it just warps Fox News into more of a joke, especially among young people, criminal justice reformers and anyone who likes political art. By sampling the segment in his latest track, Lamar rightfully ridicules “Fox News” and reaches millennials quite easily.

Fox should have figured this pattern out by now.

At the 2015 BET Awards, Kendrick danced and rapped atop a cop car with an American flag waving in the background. The song in question, “Alright,” is inundated with references to police brutality and black resilience.

The accompanying “Fox News” segment centered around the obvious. It came off as mostly white, conservative pundits sounding threatened by Lamar’s performance, defensive about police brutality and failing to consider why Lamar would create art so clearly fixated on these themes.

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