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Everyone wants the t-shirt Donald Trump Jr. modeled to troll the media

Suns out. Guns out. (Photo via Twitter)

Suns out. Guns out. (Photo via Twitter)

The mainstream media gets no love from the Trumps.

On Saturday, Donald Jr. posted a photo of himself on Twitter wearing a t-shirt that reads “Very Fake News” with his thumbs up like the Fonz. He wrote that he plans to buy “5-10,000” of them to hand out to his “buddies” in the media.

President Trump coined the infamous phrase when he interrupted CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta in his first press conference after inauguration. He said he was giving the cable news channel a new title.

“Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir,” Acosta said before Trump butted in.

“I’m changing it from fake news, though.” Trump said. “Very fake news.”

Donald Jr.’s post is the type of tweet that reaches across partisan lines.

Even journalists want to wear them.

And, of course, Twitter never passes on an opportunity to troll Don Jr.

If Donald Jr. ends up fulfilling his pledge to buy these shirts for the media, the author of this article would like to let him know he wears a size XL and prefers a black V-neck, if possible.

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