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Berkeley Brawl: Trump supporters take back Berkeley from Antifa [VIDEO]



Just two generations ago, Berkeley was the center of a peaceful free speech movement. However, it has slowly transformed into ground zero for the violent clash of cultures between the right and left.

Trump supporters planned a rally at Berkeley on Saturday in support of the President while the far-left group Anti-fa planned a counter protest.

Within just a few hours it turned violent as Anti-fa activists threw rocks, used pepper spray, and released tear gas at the Trump supporters. Many of the right-wingers wore head and face gear to protect them from the expected onslaught and began chanting “Trust fund commies, off our street!”

At least nine people were arrested, but there were still serious injuries on both sides.

Fighting continued to break out as Trump supporters moved to the downtown part of the city.

There seemed to be a limited police presence as tensions escalated, and it calls into question why the city didn’t prepare better.