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Governor brings actual bullsh– to press conference [VIDEO]

Screen Shot - YouTube

Screen Shot – YouTube

West Virginia’s Democratic Governor, Jim Justice, vetoed the GOP majority’s budget bill in spectacular fashion — by comparing it to poop… bull crap, to be specific.

Governor Justice is no stranger to the spotlight, and it’s not because his nearly 400-pound figure precludes him from hiding. Just one month before the election, an NPR story revealed the billionaire gubernatorial candidate owed $15 million in fines and taxes. Watch him use poop as a political prop below:

On the campaign trail, Justice invoked folksy charm and said he could use his business knowledge as a means to govern, echoing the remarks of then-candidate Trump. After months of promising no tax hikes, Justice has now vetoed a Republican plan with no tax increases.

The poop stunt may provide some comic relief, but West Virginia ranks 50th on the business-friendly index, stands last in workforce participation, and has been rocked by the opioid epidemic. It’s well past time to get serious.

The only real bullsh– here is the $4.4 million in taxes still owed by Governor Justice.

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