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“UCLA & Chill”: College gives students free blow-up beds for 3 hours

(via Screenshot/Intex)

(via Screenshot/Intex)

The University of California, Los Angeles is now offering free blow-up hammocks and lawn blankets for students who want to “chill” on campus, UCLA’s student paper reports.

The napping equipment became available to students starting Wednesday afternoon. Students can use their student IDs to rent the equipment for up to three hours. UCLA’s Undergraduate Students Association Council held a kick-off event called UCLA & Chill, which was part of a campaign called, “Make Campus Chill Again.”

Led by USAC representative Zoe Borden, the campaign will allow students to hang out in the outdoor campus area in between classes.

“I noticed that there weren’t opportunities for students to enjoy our campus,” she said. “Being able to be outside between classes is important for student mental health and well-being.”

Did we mention the campus also offers free condoms?

UCLA is a proud sponsor of napping. Two years ago, UCLA’s Mind Well, Powell Library, and John Wooden (Athletics) Center co-sponsored “drop-in nap spaces” for students to rent out when they want to catch up on sleep. A “nap map” tells students precisely which napping areas are available for rent on campus.

The UCLA & Chill program cost $726 so far, funded by the Student Wellness Programming Fund, Contingency Programming Fund and Student Government Operational Fund.


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