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Please clap: Trump taps Team Jeb for Education Department

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

Finally, someone is clapping for Jeb Bush. Well, his former staffers at least. President Trump has tapped two of the former Florida governor’s team to assist Betsy DeVos at the Department of Education (DOE).

In a statement on Wednesday, the DOE announced that former Bush aide Josh Venable was hired as DeVos’ chief of staff. He had previously worked as the national director of advocacy and legislation for the Bush Foundation’s Excellence in Education.

Another Bush-aide, Carlos Muniz, was nominated to serve as DeVos’s general counsel just a few week prior.

While this may ruffle the feathers of some Trump supporters, it shouldn’t. Trump has a very mainstream position on education, favoring school choice, decentralization, and ending Common Core.

While it’s unclear if Muniz and Venable have any positions on the subject, it is well known that other Bush staffers who favored Common Core did not receive jobs in the administration.

New Mexico Education Secretary Hanna Skandera, who also worked for Bush, was under consideration for assistant secretary of education for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. However, she was passed up because of her support for Common Core.

Given the fact that Skandera was passed up, it’s reasonable to consider that the addition of Muniz and Venable does not mean Trump is going to change his position on scrapping Common Core.

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