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‘America First’ means funding the border wall, not a war in Syria [VIDEO]



President Trump announced to Michael Goodwin of The New York Post that he would not be putting ground troops into Syria. Nonetheless, military hawks have been clamoring for more engagement in the war-torn country.

Red Alert Politics’ Ryan Girdusky appeared on Fox Business’ Making Money on Tuesday, stating that more military strikes in Syria and another war would derail the President’s “America First” agenda.

“I think this was a mistake absolutely,” Girdusky said. “If you want to show pictures of dead children, let’s show pictures of Raymond Wood the 17-year old who was gutted by MS-13 in Virginia. Let’s talk about the fact that we’re still taking in a hundred Syrian refugees a week, or the fact that we’ve given 50,000 DACA permits since Trump became President.”

Girdusky blasted members of the Trump Administration, especially US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, who have been presenting different policy visions than the “America First” agenda.

“We can’t get a wall built. I mean House Republicans are trying to kill the wall, Reps. Will Hurd (Texas) and Martha McSally (Ariz.). We can’t get that built. We can’t get healthcare passed, and we’re gonna spend whatever little political capital Trump has on a war that has nothing to do with us,” he continued.

The Red Alert Politics’ writer left off with a final warning that if Republicans lose either the House or Senate in 2018, the entire “America First” agenda will be derailed.

Watch the entire clip below: