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How can Trump win over Bernie voters? Student debt reform

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

The Trump Administration is working on overdrive to see how they can grow their base of voters. Media outlets have been reporting that the more moderate voices in the White House including Jared Kushner have a bigger sway than populists like Stephen Bannon.

In the last week, the administration seems to be moving to the establishment on foreign policy, but they might be more successful growing the Trump tent by becoming more populist on student debt reform.

Truth Against the Machine writer and progressive activist Zach Haller spoke to Red Alert Politics about where Bernie’s base can find common ground with the Trump Administration or at least the populist platform he ran on.

While progressives support auditing the Federal Reserve, investing in infrastructure, and avoiding a war with Syria, Haller said that reforming student debt would be the prime way to win over moderates and progressives.

“If you’re approaching the student loan crisis and higher education access, I think the way that Trump’s looking at it from a student debt angle is one piece of it,” Haller said. “There’re two elements to addressing the higher education crisis, one, of course, is free public college… Like you said the bigger burning issue for many, many people is the massive amount of student debt that exists already.”

During the campaign, Trump promised to reform student loans including shortening the cap on payments to 12.5% of a student’s income and forgiving their debt after 15 years.

“I think that any millennial, basically most college-educated millennials, has substantial student debt and are motivated to get behind any type of reform for student debt interest rates,” Haller continued. “There’s a lot of room Trump has to make any changes to student debt financing reform that would be supported by a huge coalition of not only progressives but Americans across the country.”

Haller said he hopes reforms could be happening on the federal level with student debt reform while more progressive states look at Bernie-like approaches to free public college.

Listen to the whole podcast below: