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Mark Hamill ‘mistakes’ Steve Bannon as Darth Vader

Alex Brandon/AP

Alex Brandon/AP

Actor Mark Hamill jokingly mistook Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon with Star Wars‘ Darth Vader after seeing a screen shot of Trump speaking next to a TV screen showing a Darth Vader scene from Rogue One.

In a hilarious Twitter thread, WZZM news reporter Brent Ashcroft tweeted the image of to Hamill, who responded,”#RogueOne? I thought they were just screening Steve Bannon’s home movies.”

The uncanny coincidence is this: Trump standing next to a Darth Vader scene from a Star Wars film while giving remarks on a national security controversy that merited the outing of his chief strategist. The Star Wars comparison was hilariously timely and not far-fetched, as Bannon was just recently quoted telling the Hollywood Reporter he thinks “darkness is good.”

“Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing,” he said in 2016.

Bannon was also recently mocked for his fashion sense, which apparently involves wearing two dress shirts at the same time. But let’s be honest here: was the second layer really a shirt, or a more appropriate ‘shroud of darkness’?

Either way, it doesn’t seem like Trump’s former chief strategist is going successfully shake off those Star Wars comparisons anytime soon. Join Red Alert as we plunge into the dark side…

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