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If pictures get Trump to act, here are 7 photos of suffering Americans

 (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

President Donald Trump and his daughter and advisor Ivanka said the images of children dying from the chemical attack in Syria had a profound effect on them. “I will tell you, that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me, big impact,” Trump said during a press conference with King Abdullah of Jordan.

His daughter tweeted on Thursday that the images of dead children broke her heart and said the following day that she was proud of her father’s airstrikes.

If Ivanka seeing sad pictures is all it takes for the President to act, here are seven images of Americans suffering from serious domestic crisis that immediate attention.

A millennial who suffers with crippling student loan debt and said that it’s almost like having to pay a second rent every month. During the campaign, Trump promised to streamline the process creating one program where borrowers would pay 12.5 percent of their discretionary income for 15-years and then be eligible for loan forgiveness.

A decaying building in Gary, Indiana. Like so many places in the Rust Belt, the city lost more than half of it’s population since the factories moved out of state. During the campaign, Trump promised bring back jobs to the industrial midwest which have been suffering for decades by renegotiating trade deals, offering tax benefits to employers, and punishing workers who outsource.

This is Kimberly from Portsmouth, Ohio — a county that went 66 percent for Trump in 2016. She’s 19 and addicted to heroin, and she’s been using since she was 13 and has been in rehab four times. During the campaign, Trump promised to build a wall on the Mexican border and have stricter enforcement to stop the drug cartel from flooding the U.S. with heroin and opioids.

Another young American, Shambrae Woods from Cairo, Illinois, is one of the millions of millennials who wants nothing more than job opportunity. “We are a town with a lot of hopelessness, lot of sorrow, lot of despair, lot of pain,” she said to Chris Arnade. “But we are good people, smart people, who could show that if we had opportunity.” During the campaign, Trump promised to especially work on African American unemployment, joblessness, and lack of educational opportunity.

Leo Perrero of Longwood, Florida, broke down in tears during his Senate hearing in 2016 when he discussed the humiliation he was put through while an employee for Disney. The company replaced him with an H1-B foreign worker, withheld severance until he trained his replacement, and his family was forced to live on unemployment. Perrero met Trump during the campaign and the then candidate promised him to issue reforms to protect American workers employers who abuse the H1-B process. Despite Trump’s promise, no reforms have yet to be proposed.



 Zane Thurber was a happy three-year-old child from Utah whose life was suddenly ended when a drunk-driving illegal immigrant from El Salvador slammed into his parents car, killing him instantly. The drunk driver did not have insurance and the Thurbers could not afford to give their child a funeral. During the campaign, tackling illegal immigration was one bedrocks of Trump’s campaign.

( 13)

( 13)

Raymond Wood from Lynchburg, Virginia was 17-years old at the time of his death. He tortured and murdered by three MS-13 gang members who were in the country illegally. They stabbed him 16 times, slit his throat, cut off his hands and feet, and his tongue was pulled through the hole in they punctured in his neck. Trump’s was the only candidate who promised the families of people who were killed by illegals to make sure these events wouldn’t happen under his watch, but they still are.

With any hope, Ivanka will be moved by one of these photos, and President Trump will fulfill some of his campaign pledges.

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