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Of course John McCain wants a war in Syria

(AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis)

(AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis)

John McCain has been the least useful person to President Donald Trump. I mean, this guy not only whined about Trump’s travel ban, but he wanted to start a war with Russia by expanding our national alliances beyond reason. Sure, let’s ally with this tiny country (Montenegro) that can’t offer us anything but a war with Russia.

But hey! Let’s go to war.

For the first time last week, this guy was on Trump’s side. And why? Because Trump sent some Tomahawk missiles to blow up some aircraft in Syria. Sure, the Syrian problem needs to be addressed, but we need information. McCain wants more action from Trump. The air strike was only a good first step. We need to commit ground troops to Syria. Who cares about the unsustainability of multiple wars? Not John McCain.

I know, I know. I am being unreasonable by asking for information before sending our nation’s finest to war. But who cares, we have had great success with this strategy of attacking without thinking for a long time… have we?

You know, we created ISIS. Then we opened Libya for them to sweep into, and left our embassy under-protected. Great strategies. The fact is that wars are complex, and they have consequences. They are not always easy to see. We can’t always set up a good democratic government, because not all places can handle that freedom.

Another fact is that wars are expensive, and someone has to pay. We are already way in debt. To open up a new front is just going to take more money.

The art of war is clear: Take an action only when it is beneficial to you. Committing the U.S. to another war is not beneficial to us.

Shooting some Tomahawk missiles may be beneficial to Trump, showing that he isn’t bluffing. But there is no benefit to America beyond this point. There is no advantage to be had. We need to stop, consider, and gather information before we take any further actions.

We cannot let John McCain get another war, and let more Americans die while he sits in a committee.

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