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Harvard students: President Trump is more dangerous than ISIS [VIDEO]

Screen Shot - YouTube

Screen Shot – YouTube

Think Harvard students are creme-of-the-crop in common-sense academia? Read this and then think again.

Students at Harvard told Campus Reform‘s Cabot Phillips they think President Trump is more dangerous than ISIS.

“What makes them feel more unsafe? Donald Trump, or ISIS?” Phillips asked.

The students’ responses were ridiculous. Some suggested ISIS is too “far” in proximity to have much of an effect on American citizens, while others said they felt in more danger because of his rhetoric.

“I think terrorism is really not that big of a deal,” one student told Phillips.

“I think we’re more at risk because of his presidency,” another student said.

One student said Trump is more dangerous than ISIS because he encourages Americans with “hateful views” to come out of their “corner” and have a voice in politics. Man, liberals do really fear opposing views more than murder!

“I think he’s an a**hole in chief,” the student followed up. Watch the exchange below:

Phillips took to the Ivy League campus in response to a ‘Resistance School‘ offered by Harvard with the objective of teaching students how to “resist” Trump’s presidency.


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