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10 reasons America should not invade Syria

 (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

(AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

In the wake of the horrific gassing of innocent men, women, and children in Syria, war hawks from both parties are desperately trying to convince President Trump to push for military intervention in the war-torn country.

According to several news reports breaking on Thursday afternoon, the President is strongly considering a military strike and creating safe zones in Syria. This all comes just a week after Trump announced he would not seek regime change in the Middle Eastern country. However, the chemical attack has changed his views.

Americans must come to terms that Syria is a broken country that no amount of military intervention can put back together. It’s not our job, and furthermore, we can’t do it. Here are 10 reasons why President Trump must not attempt regime change and put boots on the ground in Syria.

1-There is no vital national security threat to the United States or its allies of Israel, Turkey, Kurdistan, or Jordan. Assad has not threatened any of them or America, this isn’t our fight.

2-Overthrowing the Syrian dictator will not make Americans any safer and depending or not how the attack is executed it will put thousands of our youngest and finest servicemen in harms way.

3-A real political victory leading to a Democratic government in Syria will take decades, different factions want different end results. Members of the Al-Nursa Front, ISIS, and other Islamic extremists would grab regional power as a weak central government tried to form. Turkey would seize land in the north that they otherwise already occupy and the Kurds in the north will attempt to break away permanently to create a nation state with Northern Iraq.

4-It would cost billions of dollars that we don’t have. We would literally be borrowing billions from the Chinese to bomb the Syrians, to borrow more money to help them rebuild their country, which leads me to my next point.

5-This is exactly what Trump campaigned against. He was the first major Republican candidate for president besides Ron and Rand Paul to condemn the Iraq War as a giant mistake. He slammed Hillary Clinton, in general, for destabilizing Libya.

6-The power vacuum caused by Assad’s fall may lead to the creation of another ISIS just like it did in Iraq. The fall of Saddam and the breakup of his army and the Baath Party created a political hole filled by extremists.

7-It may lead to greater conflict with Russia, a nuclear power that has long backed Assad and has strategic interests in keeping him in power.

8-Seeking to stay in power at any cost, Assad may use chemical weapons against Americans on the ground in Syria.

9-If the post-Assad government falters, America will own it and be forced to spend another trillion dollars and decade trying to repair a region of the world we have no business being in.

10-Going to war with Assad and the Russians will help ISIS, who may gain new recruits and would allow them to declare that the Americans are again occupying Muslim territory. It would also kill thousands in Assad’s military who’d otherwise be fighting against ISIS.

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