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Watch a snowflake’s hilarious meltdown over pro-life posters [VIDEO]

Screen Shot - Twitter

Screen Shot – Twitter

Progressive students never get tired of being triggered by opposing views. A viral video shows a Texas State student confronting a pro-life individual, as he proceeds to escalate by shrieking profanities and wailing on the anti-abortion posters.

The posters depicted graphic images of aborted babies at varying stages of development. The nonprofit was the sponsor for the installation. The pro-life individual monitoring the posters stayed composed as the student destructed poster after poster.

The pro-life advocate calmly expressed, “We have the right to be here… This is freedom of speech.”

As the student continued to hurl expletives, he responded, “No it’s not man! It’s wrong!”

Apparently, this moody student has not read the Constitution lately.

The posters are unsettling, as they should be. Abortion is no less heinous than that murder or homicide, because that is exactly was it is.

Progressives still like to assert that instances of rape and incest are to be used as a blanket-veto for arguments. They choose to ignore statistics that oppose their narrative. A survey conducted in 1989 found that less than one percent of abortions were provided where either rape or incest was a stated reason for it. In order to attempt to say that by 2017 the rate may have doubled, the number of abortions performed would have to rise with an increase of incest and rape cases. They haven’t. Abortion procedures, cases of rape, and cases of incest have steadily declined since the 1980’s.

The estimated annual rate of female rape or sexual assault declined from 0.5 percent to 0.21 percent. Even with a possible 30 percent unreported rate, that is a positively significant decline. As for abortion, the rate has decreased from 2.9 percent to 1.46 percent.

Good news, indeed, but not for the progressive narrative.  

The opinion on whether or not the public showing aborted babies is deceit is moot. Selective termination of a human life is murder, and it is indecent.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro recalls his encounter with graphic pro-life posters at the 2012 DNC:

I thought what most people from big cities thought… Wow, how gauche… And then I realized that’s probably how people treated pictures of slavery in the back in the 1850s,…probably pictures of the Holocaust in the 1940s. The bottom line is that if it’s that ugly, maybe you should stop whining and do something about it.

The left’s natural reaction to abortion is to deflect and avert. They will ignore the scientific facts, and the protection of the innocent baby’s life.

“Those who turn away from fighting evil need to be aware that the notion of evil as dark is actually the opposite of the truth. Evil is so bright that people can’t stare at it with their eyes. It’s blinding; so people look at other things,” Dennis Prager stated. 

Call abortion for what it is. In the vast majority of cases, it is murder for the sake of personal convenience. To describe it as anything less deprives our humanity, and cheapens the value of life as whole.


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