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Chelsea offers career advice to women (because she knows the struggle) [VIDEO]

What's the key to success for millennial women? Let's ask someone who went through the struggle herself, Chelsea Clinton. (Photo via Levo)

What’s the key to success for millennial women? Let’s ask someone who went through the struggle herself, Chelsea Clinton. (Photo via Levo)

Fresh off of publishing her new children’s book and joining the board of directors at Expedia, Chelsea Clinton is offering up her best advice to millennial women who are trying to get that much-needed raise at work.

In an interview with the website Levo, the former First Daughter was asked about negotiating salaries and responded to a bogus statistic that 88 percent of women don’t negotiate their salaries (it’s actually 44 percent according to the Harvard Business Review). Chelsea said the answer to getting a higher salary for women is simple: ask, and ye shall receive.

“It’s better to ask and be told ‘no’ than to not ask at all, and to recognize that you’re not alone,” Clinton suggested.

She continued. “We know that we need to do more to ensure that women are equally valuing ourselves. And we need to change the social norms and cultures within employers so that women are equally valued.”

The gender pay gap and sexism in the workplace aside, why are we suddenly seeking career advice from Chelsea Clinton? Ever since she was born in 1980, her father, Bill, was already governor of Arkansas. By the time she was 12, her dad was President of the United States and “leader of the free world.”

Her career path has been paved in gold ever since she was a twinkle in her father’s eye.

At 23, Chelsea was making an MBA-level $120,000 a year salary at McKinsey & Company, despite only having a bachelor’s degree. She was hired as a special correspondent at NBC News and took home $600,000 a year, or, as Business Insider puts it, “$26,724 for each minute she appeared on NBC.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Chelsea is also a board member at IAC/Interactive Corp. where she brings in a yearly salary of $300,000. And as a board member of Expedia, she’s getting paid $250,000 a year. She’s also a Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, but does it out of the goodness of her heart.

Chelsea giving career advice lacks almost as much self-awareness and irony as Kendall Jenner giving out Pepsi to solve police brutality.

Watch the full interview below: