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Millennials reveal why they support President Trump on MSNBC [VIDEO]

Screen Shot - MSNBC

Screen Shot – MSNBC

MSNBC’s The Point with Ari Melber featured a segment entitled “Growing Up Trump,” which gave millennial leaders on both sides of the aisle the chance to speak out about the beginning of President Trump’s administration. The segment was broken up into three parts: the first featuring all Democrats, the second featuring all Republicans, and the third one bringing them together for a bipartisan discussion.

Representing the GOP were four rising leaders: conservative author Kristin Tate, Trump campaign staffer Eli Nachmany, New York College Republican Paul-Anthony Cuesta, and New York Young Republican Nicole Hart.

“One thing I love about Donald Trump is that he’s deconstructing the administrative state,” said Nachmany, who is also a contributor at Red Alert. “We’ve sold out our country to a bunch of technocrats, both on the Republican and Democratic side, and now Donald Trump is beginning to roll that back so the government can really serve the people.”

Tate, author of the book Government Gone Wild, followed up.

“This was an election about jobs,” Tate said. “Over 30 percent of young Americans still live with their parents. So I’m looking forward to [President Trump] injecting some life back into our economy, lowering the tax rate, and getting our young people back to work, getting good jobs.”

Cuesta, a black Haitian-American Trump supporter, criticized Democrats like Hillary Clinton for marketing their political campaigns around Hollywood celebrities instead of focusing on the real issues.

“I think it’s offensive,” Cuesta said. “I think it’s pandering. It’s like her going to Power 105.1 and bringing a bottle of hot sauce on the airwaves.”

Melber showed a graphic about how millennials were more excited about Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. 32 percent of young Trump voters were excited about their presidential choice, compared to just 18 percent of young Clinton voters.

Nachmany speculated on some of the shady efforts being conducted behind the scenes to undermine the Trump presidency.

“That’s why you need people like George Soros, you need Obama’s shadow administration, Organizing for Action, to get the grassroots moving, when on the Republican side it’s genuine,” he said. “People are excited about President Donald Trump.”

Hart thinks Democrats’ rhetoric against Trump is unfair.

“I think that we are very diverse people here,” Hart said. “There’s been a lot of negative talk about Trump supporters, and I think it’s all very false. We’re very open-minded, we support everyone, and I think we all just want what’s best for the country.”

Watch the full conversation here: