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Milo unveils winners of ‘The Privilege Grant,’ silences critics



In 2016, Milo Yiannopoulos drew scores of criticism for creating “The Privilege Grant,” a scholarship fund for white men to attend college (to highlight the hypocrisy of affirmation action policies). Liberals and even some conservatives said that the donations to the students would never materialize and it was just an attempt to score the former Breitbart editor some publicity.

Yiannopoulos proved them all wrong on Friday by releasing the first 10 winners of “The Privilege Grant.”

All the recipients will receive a pilot project grant of $2,500. Most of the winners are going to school to study the STEM field, with the exception of two who are going for nursing and psychology.

“Payment of Privilege Grant awards will be made directly to the recipient’s school. This process will be completed during the summer of 2017 to be applied to the fall term,” Yiannopoulos said in his press release. “A second round of grants will be made available later in 2017. Please watch for upcoming releases including timelines and the application process.”

Milo called out his critics on Saturday who criticized him and the scholarship, suggesting that Yiannopoulos was never going to award the money to any of the applicants.

Oddly enough publications like The Daily Beast and The Guardian, which insinuated Yiannopoulos was never going to reward any grants, haven’t issued an update.

Perhaps they’re just working on a story, and it’s just taking more time than it took Nicki Minaj to clap back at Remy Ma after she released “Shether.”

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